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For over 15 years, we've exclusively assessed, advised and treated clients with aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria. From clients who cannot speak yet, to clients who are almost ready to return to work, Dr. Bartels-Tobin and her therapy team are ready to help your family. All therapists have a Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and are trained by Dr. Bartels-Tobin for a minimum of 2 months before they work with our clients. Training includes assessment, theoretical language models, evidence-based treatment and daily client analysis. This is significantly more directed training in aphasia than clinicians typically receive over their careers.

About Our CEO, Dr. Bartels-Tobin

Dr. Bartels-Tobin earned her Ph.D. from the University of South Florida in 2007, with a focus on research in aphasia. She has presented her research internationally at The Academy of Aphasia and nationally at conferences such as Clinical Aphasiology and the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Locally, she has presented at Florida and other state conventions, as well as local community groups. Her work has also been featured in MS Focus magazine, Stroke Smart magazine, and local magazines and newspapers.

Dr. Bartels-Tobin created The Aphasia Center intensive treatment programs to provide an affordable choice for intensive aphasia treatment. She is involved in daily facility operations as well as providing personalized client care, family training and education, and consultations.

"I earned a Ph.D. because I loved aphasia research, but realized that research is a slower and indirect way to help people. I wanted to make a difference in real-time with families. Using my knowledge and expertise, my goal is to give hope and support to families with aphasia as well as help them achieve faster results from treatment."
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