Intensive Aphasia Treatment Programs

Our Onsite Intensive Aphasia Treatment Program provides 27 hours of expert, individualized therapy every week over 4 weeks to help you communicate more effectively.


Start your communication independence with a 4-week onsite intensive session. Your functional and personalized treatment addresses what is most important to YOU. Reading, writing, speaking and understanding are integrated each session so that your language strengths support your language weaknesses. Multiple therapeutic approaches allow for faster learning to help you get better faster.

$5100 per week

Why Intensive?

For over 40 years, research has consistently shown that intensive aphasia treatment can produce faster and longer-lasting results than traditional therapy schedules of 1-3 hours per week. Similar to the idea of foreign language immersion courses, intensive aphasia therapy allows for more practice of a language skill over a short period of time. Our Care Partner education and training are an important part of your successful treatment plan.

How can it help?

You CAN meet or exceed your goals by learning to communicate more effectively and efficiently. Each person with aphasia is unique and will improve at different rates, but you will make progress. Helping you meet relevant goals through personalized treatment has been shown to produce better treatment outcomes. Daily homework provides additional practice and learning opportunities for lasting changes.

What's included?

Detailed home program and final report
Software Subscription
Weekly Goal and Progress Meetings
Pre and Post Treatment Assessment
Care partner education and training
27 Hours of therapy a Week
Daily Homework
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