Regain your independence

"There is much more spontaneous conversation coming from him and willingness to speak. An intensive program seems to be the only way that has improved Dick's ability to speak."
"Besides producing words, whether it be with cuing from a therapist or he can be able to do it on his own, he can hear and differentiate whether he’s saying it correctly or not. Things are just starting to click."

Case Studies

Read case studies that demonstrate what our graduates have accomplished. Their conditions, treatment approach, and results are typical.

We have selected these cases to provide a variety of aphasia types, time post-stroke, client ages and program levels.

To see the full list, see out case studies page.
ClientAgeTime Since StrokeType of AphasiaProgram
Client 1 658 monthsSevere Wernicke’s Aphasia6 weeks
Client 2 336 monthsBroca’s Aphasia with apraxia6 week
Client 3 493 monthsAnomic Aphasia4 week
Client 4 3210 monthsConduction Aphasia6 weeks
Client 5 731.5 yearsGlobal Aphasia6 weeks
Client 6 653 yearsPrimary Progressive Aphasia,tDCS4 weeks

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