What is Intensive Aphasia Treatment?

Intensive aphasia treatment is 10-25 hours of aphasia therapy over several weeks, concentrating more therapy hours over a shorter period of time. It provides multiple hours of practice of a skill, as well as time to explore the approach that works best for you.

This allows our clients to master a broader range of skills and see progress much faster.

Is this a new method of treatment?

Intensive aphasia treatment began after WWII, so it’s been thoroughly studied and researched for over 70 years. Research has consistently shown that intensive aphasia treatment results are better and faster than traditional therapy schedules. Some skills have shown improvement only through an intensive aphasia approach.

What is the Therapy Approach?

At The Aphasia Center, your rehabilitation plan addresses reading, understanding, writing, and speaking skills every session of every day. This integration of skills is important to help you communicate more effectively.

Unlike other therapy methods which use outdated, "workbook-based" therapy, The Aphasia Center program therapy is customized to your individual strengths, topics of interest to you, specific speech and language issues, and your short and long-term goals. Your treatment plan helps you reach your goals more efficiently.

Who can benefit from intensive aphasia treatment?

Our program accepts clients from 12 to 100 years old. There is a myth that improvement stops within 6 months of the brain injury, which is not true at all. Any person can make communication progress, regardless of the type or severity of their aphasia. Clients who’ve had brain injuries 14 years ago to 3 weeks ago can continue to improve. The ideal candidate can take care of their own toileting needs, feeds themselves, is medically stable, and can tolerate 5 hours of treatment a day.
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