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It’s Not Me, It’s You - When You Don’t Like Your Speech Therapist

Occasionally it happens, your loved one just isn’t happy with the speech therapist he’s seeing. Since all of our clients are here for five hours a day, there are five different therapists working with each client.
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The Aphasia Caregiver - Hero or Villain?

We often judge others by their actions, but judge ourselves by our intentions. We often see just one side of someone’s behavior and judge them based upon that behavior
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The Importance of Pacing Yourself in Aphasia Recovery

You eat, sleep and breathe therapy. After all, what harm can it do? This is the wrong question. Instead ask “how much good is pushing this hard going to do?”
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Stepping Away from Aphasia Therapy - It’s Ok to Take a Break

I get it! You’re committed to your aphasia recovery. You and your loved one have decided to devote x hours a day
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The Ugly Things No One Wants to Talk About In Aphasia Caregiving

After hearing your story about how aphasia has affected your everyday life, your well-meaning friends and family are eager to shower you with praise. Sometimes you try to downplay it, or share some deep life lesson that being a caregiver has taught you. What you may really want to say is “Actually, this sucks!”
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Setting personal goals in aphasia

We all have goals in our lives, whether they’re work goals or personal goals.
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Taking The Aphasia Therapy Leap

It’s a really big decision, I totally get it. I wasn’t sure if this was the right route for my partner and myself at first either.
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Traveling Plans with Aphasia

It’s always wonderful to hear about the adventures and successes our clients have after they leave us! I recently spoke with Melissa about a cross-country family visit that her and her husband, John, took.
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6 Tips to Help with Aphasia Caregiver Burnout

As the caregiver in a family with aphasia, you’re probably pretty familiar with being the chauffeur, nurse, spouse, housekeeper, speech therapist, cheerleader, occupational therapist, appointment maker, cook and everything else that aphasia entails.
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6 Ways to Make the Holidays Aphasia-Friendly

The holidays are a time of stress for many people–so much to do in so little time. Then there’s the stress of socializing when you have aphasia.
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