Case Study - Mild Anomic Aphasia

Case Study

Mild Anomic Aphasia

Age: 68

Time since stroke: 9 months


Grace was a retired professor and served on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit. Prior to her stroke, she was fiercely independent and kept very busy reading, gardening, and exercising. She kept in touch with her family in different states through phone calls and emails.

Grace spoke very quickly, but her references were vague and made it difficult for a listener to follow. For example, instead of accessing the word “college”, she said “an institution that provides teaching”. She also substituted words similar in meaning, such as saying “typewriter” for “computer”. She wanted to be more confident in participating in conversations and using technology, but she felt she was no longer intelligent and feared making mistakes.


She completed a 4-week program and My Aphasia Coach software homework daily.


Grace chose not to complete post-testing
Word Fluency
Reading Sentences
Listening for Information


  • Spoke using direct language 90% of the time with minimal help
  • Used strategies with reminders when she couldn’t access a word
  • Read articles and emailed them to her children
  • Managed her finances online
  • Made appointments and reservations