Case Study - Conduction Aphasia

Case Study

Conduction Aphasia

Age: 64

Time since stroke: 3 months


Bill’s aphasia was brought on by multiple TIAs. He had a history of high blood pressure. He and his wife owned a contracting business and were always busy. They weren’t happy with the therapy he was receiving, and his wife was very stressed taking care of their business without him. They decided on a one-week program because they didn’t have time for a longer program due to work schedules.

Bill needed to be able to communicate with his employees. He was hard to understand because some around 40% of his speech was made-up words (neologisms) and mixed up words (paraphasias). He needed a strategy to help him express himself so he could get back to work. He was a very friendly and talkative person.


No formal testing. Initial assessment by observation.
  • Fluent Speech
  • Poor repetition
  • Relatively good comprehension in context
  • Reading comprehension of sentences
  • Good writing familiar single words in context


1 week, online therapy to continue treatment


No formal testing completed.


  • Bill learned how to use writing and his phone as strategies
  • Improved repetition accuracy for 1-2 syllable functional words
  • His wife learned how to help Bill communicate when she did not understand him