Case Study - Wernicke's Aphasia

Case Study

Wernicke's Aphasia

Age: 66

Time since stroke: 10 months


William was a college professor and church pastor. He had also authored several books. Listeners could understand approximately 30% of his speech, but could often get the gist of his conversation. His family didn’t know what to do to help him or to communicate with him. William wanted to return to helping others, but was very frustrated about his communication. Like most people with Wernicke’s aphasia, he was not aware of his speech errors, but he could tell sometimes that people weren’t understanding him.


Using WAB-R
  • No reading or writing at all
  • Copying words, substituted different symbols that looked nothing like the letter
  • Used no strategies to help himself
  • Often perseverated on certain words
  • Did not notice non-verbal cues that someone didn’t understand him


4 week program


Speech intelligibility


  • Used other forms of expressive communication other than speech to help others understand him with occasional reminders.
  • Learned how to use an app to listen to the Bible
  • Copied words with 100% accuracy
  • Pointed to words on his cards to help listener know who or what he was talking about with reminders