Ana's sister worked in English and Spanish during her program

Ana is glad her sister, Carolina, made the choice to come for intensive aphasia therapy in English and Spanish, improving her bilingual skills!

We were ambivalent actually of coming here, because for the one hand I mean you don’t know how much therapy she needs, right? And on the other hand - you want to do what’s best for what they want.

Carolina - she’s all about therapy. She’s all about getting better, and you know, that’s what she needed. It took her 3 years to actually, for her to convince us, that therapy was the way to go – a program like this that is intensive. We look up different programs, this was very convenient for us because of the location. She lives in Gainesville, FL now. We did our research and we found that it was a very structured program. I was the one who also pushed this to happen.

Because I figured Carolina was in a moment where she was, I mean she’s not only aphasic, but she’s bi-lingual and we didn’t know how much help – if having therapy in English is going to confuse her brain more or if it’s going to actually help be more skillful with the resources that she has. In Argentina people were saying that she should not pursue English whatsoever.