The best start we could have had!

Ann’s husband, Bobby, has very severe Broca’s Aphasia. He couldn’t understand well or speak at all when he started his 8-week program.

I’m Ann Lucas and we’re from Bartlesville, Oklahoma and my husband had a stroke. His name is Bobby Lucas and it happened the last day of January this year.

I think when we came here, it hadn’t been that long, and everyone we have talked to said they knew someone who couldn’t talk, and they can talk now and are almost back to normal. And I guess I thought that when we left here that was going to be the case.

But now I see it’s going to take a couple years, but this has really been the best start we could have had. He can say words now. And they’ve showed me here, how I can get him to understand what I’m asking, of him and it’s been really really good thing. We’re so glad we came.

My husband came down the hall in the apartment that other day wanting me to come and see something, and he was calling my name. He said it three times. I cried, it was so emotional. So it’s getting better. And it’s gonna get a lot better I’m sure.

I just felt like the more we could get, the quicker the better. He would be so on the internet and my son’s helped, and we searched. And then this is where my boys decided we should come.

Was there any particular factor in your search that made you focus in on this this program here in St. Pete but different than the rest?

Well, the hours you got here and also being able to have the Occupational Therapy, too. And that we didn’t have to come and hunt a place to live, that was a big thing. The accommodations that y’all have made it just so easy, very easy. We have to keep going forward, we can’t stop and let him go back. We’ve just got to keep moving forward and it’s going to take determination on his heart and mine to help make sure he gets every day a therapy.

Last question, would you recommend the aphasia Center?

I recommend it completely. Wholeheartedly. And we may be back