Dr. Lori found ways to work with Dave that no one else has done

Cheryl’s son, Dave, suffered a very severe stroke and was unable to talk or form sounds. Cheryl is thrilled with Dave progress towards communicating with his friends and getting back to a normal life.

The two major goals that I had for him, and David and I talked about this, and I always tried to make sure I’m keeping on track with the goals that he wants and not just the ones that I want. And number one for him was to be able to speak. And so, I was thinking six eight words would be a great start. Because I know how incredibly hard it is for him. The other goal that we had for him, was being able to communicate via his email, text, Twitter, because he is, he has the background of technology and computers since he was a small child.

So that’s a natural for him. Getting that door open for him. so he can reconnect with his friends, and also his business acquaintances which are across the country. So that was our two key goals.

He has surprised me several times, and the methods that Dr. Lori has instrumented here, I haven’t seen anybody else use a lot of them. And I didn’t quite understand what they were going to do, but I have seen amazing progress with his ability to use his mouth for forming sounds, and also for drinking and eating. So that that was astounding to me, like last night he was able to pick up a glass and drink without losing any of it. Which is it sounds simple, but it is a great step for him. He is able to voluntarily say a few words which is new for him. And so I’m thrilled, I’m getting shiver bumps right now.

Would you recommend pursuing intensive therapy intensive therapy for somebody who has all the factors sort of lined up and allows them do it?

I would so strongly recommend that you find any way you can possibly find to come here. It starts with the phone call to Brian, and after you talk to him for five minutes you feel like you have known him forever. And he is going to hold your hand and take you through this process. You’re not going to have to worry.

And then, you come down and you have a wonderful place to stay that has amazing restaurants and sightseeing and waterfront and just it helps you to calm. And then you come to the center, and Dr. Lori is so professional. She has all the skills she needs, but she’s such a fun person, and she introduces fun back in to therapy. And you’ve just covered all the bases. When David meets people. sometimes because he’s in a wheelchair, he doesn’t walk, he doesn’t talk, all they see is his disability.

Y’all see David, and you have just drawn him out, and had fun with them, and helped him laugh and enjoy it. But you have worked hard on all the areas that he needed work. That other people other therapists have not seen, so I cannot say enough to say that you need to come here, if there’s any way possible.