Dave wasn't just working on speech, he was doing something useful

Debra’s husband, Dave, had a stroke 8 years ago. While he’s speaking in sentences after his intensive session, she is most happy with him having a ‘purpose’ during the program.

I believe that part about ‘some things can recover’. We’ve done just about everything that we hear about. He was in a research study 4 days a week, and it reminded me that intensity is better. I started looking again for an intensive place that would work with what we want, which is a lot of hours in an interesting place and we kept finding your place. We talked about it and looked at your website and thought it would be a good fit and it’s been a spectacular fit.

Dave is….it’s been really good for him. The other day he came in and he goes down the hall, Dee is there and she’s already working with her therapist and he puts his head in and he says “good morning!” and interrupts and Dee looks up and says ‘hi’. Then he comes around the corner and Fred is with his back to him and he says “Fred! And Fred turns around and, he’s again interrupting, and says “good morning “ and I look and there’s Chris and he can see Dave’s coming toward him and he’s going to say hi and then Dave goes to his corner office and he, it’s what he did at work. It was awfully sweet. So it’s not just speech, it’s doing something useful, helping himself to get better. A totally difficult part of this is losing all of this care of yourself. He can’t drive, he can’t read to himself, so that’s been really good for him.

And the speech is great. He’s speaking in, he elects to work harder on each sentence to make a sentence. We’re very happy with what’s happened.

Yes, he has. He was not writing, and this has been good for me, too. To remind me of what he needs to do. Thirty-four years married, I know when he has his breakfast he wants tea with milk in it. But this reminds me that it’s important for both of us to say “i want my tea, please”. It reminds me that we need to work on it and that it’s easy to work on.

Absolutely I would recommend this program. It’s got a lot to recommend it. One is that it’s in a new part of the country and it’s so easy to get around here and there’s things to do. The program itself works perfectly for Dave and I. I’m not interested in a program in which I go with him. The program itself, they are great therapists - everyone on your staff, I’m very happy with. So yeah, I’d recommend this place.