Young, advanced aphasia client, Jill, benefits from intensive aphasia therapy

Jill has attended intensive aphasia therapy three times since her stroke at age 26. As a young, advanced aphasia client, Jill has been determined and worked hard. Her intensive therapy has focused on role-playing work situations, emailing accuracy and speed, word-finding, and organizing her speech and written details. She’s gaining confidence!

What did you work on at The Aphasia Center?

What I’ve worked on at the aphasia center this time was details, organization, vocabulary, summarizing, structure and overall speech in general.

The last time I worked on the word finding, which has improved since then, I was practicing emails, and rebuilding my work-related vocabulary.

What made you choose to come back here?

The real-ness of Dr. Lori and the rest of the therapists. Plus, Dr. Lori has perfected a great program.

What specific skills have you learned at The Aphasia Center?
The skills I learned at the aphasia center are my details, which has helped me learn organization in my speaking and my writing, summarizing, vocabulary, and overall, my speech, reading and writing have gotten a lot better.

Would you recommend this program to others?

Yes, Dr. Lori and the therapists are truly understanding, real and special.