Laura doesn't have to be a mind reader anymore

Originally diagnosed with global aphasia, two years later Paul entered our 6-week program. He could only say "oh hi" and "ah lay" when he started but can now say the family's names and approximately 30 words, gaining...

He’s so challenged and the apraxia is so severe. To be honest with you, had no idea what you were going to be able to do, what was going to happen when I came down, really what to expect.

Of course, I want him to come out talking and being able to hold a conversation but the reality of that is that I know that if he could write on a piece of paper or anything to try and be more than just him being independent.

So anything that we could get from that out of the program would be great but he has… I mean it’s far exceeded what I could even begin to hope… The fact that he’s got some spelling, he’s got some letter recognition now that he can use. He’s actually been able to communicate better through paper. Whatever he wants, I don’t have to try to read his mind.

The stack of words! I can’t even believe that he is able to mouth out any kind of words and that he’s saying words. He’s got all of our names down and on the 2 year anniversary from when he came home from the hospital that was the first day he spoke my name and that was a great thing for everybody.

All the people who had supported us through the fundraiser and I put it on facebook because people can keep tabs with us and we’re just elated at how far he’s come and that you’ve opened up this door for us to be able to communicate because he’s got so much in there. He’s still Paul, you know who he is, but he’s just not able to communicate what he’s thinking and it just makes all that difference in the world, what’s happened.

You’ve just opened up the door of speech for him and communication for all of us. We’re gonna be able to keep moving forward in that and maybe one day he will be able to say more than just one word at a time and two words. He’s already started to put two words together and I’m blown away in 6 weeks. I just can’t believe this.

I think he’s been sort of set free in way that he can start communicating again because he only sees it getting better. It’s given us hope again is really what it’s done.

Dr:” What were the kids reactions to him being able to talk on the phone?”

Laura: Don’t come home, stay there haha