Tracy made gains in reading and speech with Broca's aphasia

Tracy’s speech was “Morgan Morgan” when he began his 6 week intensive program for Broca’s aphasia. Over the weeks, Tracy improved his speech in sentences, his reading, and his writing so he could return to his business.

Now why did you guys decide to do intensive aphasia therapy?

Well, first of all it was recommended, I didn’t know there was intensive therapy. You know, speech therapy. Shepherd Center in Atlanta recommended ya’ll and we just wanted to really get him going. You know the first year is the best time to do any kind of therapy and they really thrive, so we decided to come here. We live in Georgia. It was the closest and we’ve heard good things about it and decided to come here.

So what types of things was he having problems with before he got here? Have you seen any changes with before you guys got here till now?

Um yes, I have. He’s not sayin’, his key word was “Morgan Morgan Morgan” and he’s not doing that quite as much. And the reading, the recognition of pictures and reading the cards for the pictures and telling what they are. I’ve seen some improvements.