Nairda and Aldo, He felt at home from the first day

Traveling all the way from Puerto Rico, Nairda shares her experience with her husband, Aldo’s, severe aphasia. His aphasia was treated in both English and Spanish, with fantastic results!

We started to see and try to find in Puerto Rico, if there was a place that had an intensive therapy that not only do one hour, three hours… I know there should be something else. Sadly to say, in Puerto Rico there are good professionals but in Puerto Rico, there is no place that can give an intensive therapy that requires for him to improve.

There was no place with what I really was looking for. An intensive therapy with professionals but with more hours, dedicated to the patient. There was one that we found. And that was the Aphasia Center. It was like a gift from God because when I read the Aphasia Center, I was like “Wow that’s what Aldo has!”

These people must know and must understand what I’m looking for. So when I went through the website and I read everything, every detail, every video, and I said “This is what I’m looking for!” So let’s cross my fingers, to see if when I reach out to these people to see if definitely what I’m reading is really real?

It’s not only the professionalism it’s that you feel that you are at home, since the first day. When Aldo first got to the center, it’s like he had been there forever in this place. So that’s something that was so special for us. And for me, as his wife, that gave me a lot of peace. It’s not easy to find a place, to go with a person, that cannot communicate at all. To be with people and in a place that you don’t live, that you don’t know, to be there for a long period of time, without your family. I cannot tell you how much support from my children and from my family and Aldo’s family and friends. And all the therapists, all of you that have been with him every day. It’s something that I cannot express, how beautiful and how supportive and the improvement that we have seen. It’s something special that really we appreciate every much.