Aphasia Articles

What is tDCS and does it help aphasia or apraxia?

Transcranial direct current stimulation has been in the news recently as a possible treatment for aphasia. Research into using tDCS has been ongoing for a few years
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Can you go back to your job with aphasia?

Many clients who come to the intensive program are still desperately trying to get back to their jobs, frantic and under pressure to get better faster
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How to keep going in a world that thinks you've plateaued

Almost everyone with aphasia has heard the words "You are going to be discharged because you’ve hit a plateau".
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4 ways to Deal with Anger in Aphasia

One of the things that families with aphasia miss is being able to have ‘adult’ conversations. Many times I’ve heard something like “we can’t argue anymore. He gets mad about something and I have no idea what it is. Then he storms off and I don’t know what’s going on.”
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