Case Studies

Wondering if our intensive aphasia treatment program can help your family with aphasia? Read stories about our graduates to see what we can accomplish together. These are actually typical results. Each case below has been selected to provide a variety of aphasia types, time post-stroke, client ages, and program levels.

ClientAgeTime Since StrokeType of AphasiaProgram
Client 1336 monthsBroca's Aphasia with apraxia6 week
Client 2711 monthGlobal Aphasia with apraxia6 week
Client 3493 monthsAnomic Aphasia4 week
Client 45411 monthsAnomic Aphasia6 weeks
Client 5523 monthsAnomic Aphasia6 weeks
Client 63210 monthsConduction Aphasia6 weeks
Client 7548 monthsAnomic Aphasia4 weeks
Client 8581.5 yearsBroca's Aphasia severe apraxia6 weeks
Client 94714 yearsBroca's Aphasia8 weeks
Client 10658 monthsSevere Wernicke's Aphasia6 weeks
Client 11272.4 yearsBroca's Aphasia with apraxia4 weeks
Client 12731.5 yearsGlobal Aphasia6 weeks
Client 134615 monthsSevere Broca's Aphasia8 weeks
Client 14756 yearsSevere Broca's Aphasia,tDCS treatment6 weeks
Client 15457 monthsSevere Broca's Aphasia,tDCS treatment6 weeks
Client 16653 yearsPrimary Progressive Aphasia,tDCS4 weeks
Client 17572.5 yearsConduction Aphasia, tDCS6 weeks
Client 186610 monthsSevere Wernicke's Aphasia4 weeks
Client 194514 monthsSevere Global Aphasia, tDCS8 weeks
Client 207915 monthsModerate Wernicke's Aphasia6 weeks